Business requirement is all we provide in the single application where all the forms and module related to BISWASS (BIHAR SWASTHYA SURAKSHA SAMITI)we can manage digitally not on paper for transparency. We create a dynamic form of each and every module for fill up the form easily. We also give simple and sober UI for user so that they can easily understand what is exactly about.

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CHP MIS Budget

The Asian Development Research Institute(ADRI) was established and registered as a soceity by a group of social scientists in 1991.It is a non profit civil soceity organization, dedicated to social science research.since then , the faculty has expanded to cover such diverse discipline as economics, sociology , history , statistics, environment, education, public administration, management and information science.

Pond Monitoring

By this app any one can evaluate his friends life style, friends communication skills, etc anonymously.

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Pre Conception and Pre Natal Diagnostic techniques. To stop female foeticides and arrest the declining sex ratio in India. In our applications , the government can manage in particular district level centre have testing facilities and doctors informations. Govt official person can filter or extract the data who is consulting and testing pregnant women.


The most worriying issue for the government of jharkhand was that of finding and providing solution of malnourished child. We divide the entire process into different different sub modules. Each submodules has a their own steps leading to child nourshiment and tracking. With the help of this object top level managemnet can monitor entire process disctrict and state wise also.

Covid 19 Dashboard

Basically handled the Covid 19 all data related to Jharkhand. Give proper record on test, active , death reports on one page.Extracting various data throgh API's , State management and Data Base manage acording to need and can also check user's detail. Jharkhand ("The land of forest") is a state in eastern India, created on 15 November 2000, from what was previously the southern half of Bihar.


Patna Medical College and Hospital (abbreviated as PMCH) was established in 1925 and originally known as Prince of Wales Medical College, is a medical college located in Patna, the state capital of Bihar, India. It is located on the southern bank of the river Ganges and is now affiliated to Aryabhatta Knowledge University (previously: Patna University).

Jharkhand Sports Club

Requirement is to collect and display the data related to sports and sports person and his achievement related to his/her sports. Medal Displaying,Provide Job with their sports quota.Extracting various data through API's Showing in graph Medal Wise Achievement- District Data Base manage Accordin to need.

Kumbh Mela

Business requriement was , they need the e-commerce software. Through this they can monitor the pilgrim data like their movements and spaces. We prvoide the Demo depends on their requiremnets and apart from this also given some extra features. Eg visitor tracking and Parking and hospitality Management. Haridwar is one of the four sites of Kumbh Mela, the others being Prayag (Allahabad), Trimbak (Nashik) and Ujjain.